girl thighs (◕‿◕✿)

boy thighs (◡‿◡✿)

nonbinary ppl thighs 。◕‿◕。

thighs (✿ ♥‿♥)

twahtohnedskee: okay so I was like 'why is kat promo-ing people??' and then I saw your post about promo-ing those who were right yesterday and then I was like 'what happened yesterday????' but what I'm getting at here (this is not about promos btw) is that I could totally have guessed at least 3 of those characters had I been awake so obvs my love for u is realer than real ok good night

i have never met anyone cuter than zoe i’m going to marry her 

punkgally replied to your post “punkgally replied to your post: punkgally u hurt me too i’m only…”

please don’t take my sunshine away

i’ll take a lot more away if u don’t stop

minewt replied to your photo “punkgally u hurt me too i’m only giving you what you deserve minewt…”

i just revealed the plan, did i

yeah you did

it was supposed to be a surprise attack vera



special - songs of seduction from the stage. whatever lola wants, lola gets.

sibella - bryce pinkham (a gentleman’s guide to love and murder)
turn back, o man - morgan jame (godspell)
when you’re good to mama - queen latifah (chicago)
light my candle - adam pascal and rosario dawson (rent)
whatever lola wants - sarah vaughan (damn yankees)
special - stephanie d’abruzzo (avenue q)
a call from the vatican - alice ripley (nine)
the word of your body (reprise) - tom deckman and gideon glick (spring awakening)

first thought, best thought

olivia blogs a lot of teen wolf and got and i saw a hot dude and now i’ve learned it’s a 5sos member so if u dig those then hit her up yes what a cutie


there are a lot of fandoms and as u can see a lot of abbreviation fandoms wow isn’t that neat 

What do you wanna do? Poke her with a stick?

ria’s a cutie and there’s a lot of teen wolf and supernatural and the x-files isn’t that marvelous

Everyone bleeds.

go read proxy and then follow ember’s proxy blog 

Nice to meet ya, shank.

the cutest tmr blog out there: will defend teresa agnes and call the fandom out on their bs. also will fall in love with u 

WICKED is good

ember tags everything

which ember blog am i going to promo though

all of them